The Vu Masterpiece Glo QLED comes with innovations such as FilmMaker Mode, Advanced Gaming Processors, Spotify and FractalVu Technology in Armani Gold Metal.
Vu Masterpiece
Armani Gold AestheticsBezel-less DisplayThe Vu Masterpiece is made considering that the art itself is being redefined in the post-covid world, that requires a screen or a platform that brings the art to life.
4K QLED with 800nits Peaking Brightness 120Hz Refresh Rate & Full-Array Local Dimming
4K QLED4K Quantum Dot Technology with Full Array Local DimmingThe Vu Masterpiece TV features the industry-leading quantum dot technology (QLED), which allows for superlative contrast ratios and inky blacks. This is further made possible by full array local dimming – discrete zones of the screen can be dimmed independently of each other – and a daylight-proof brightness level of 800 nits
120Hz120Hz Panel Refresh Rate, 240Hz Motion Rate & MEMCAnother technical flourish of the Masterpiece, a TV that makes absolutely no compromises in any area, is its ability to display content at 120Hz. This ensures buttery smooth lifelike visuals, which will make all the difference when gaming at 120fps on your console or PC. You can even upconvert regular content like films and TV series – that typically viewed at 30 and 60Hz respectively – to an ultra-smooth 240Hz thanks to Vu’s Motion Rate feature.